I understand that planning a weekly meal is hard but coming up with a monthly healthy meal plan is even harder. Don’t worry because I have some tips for you to make things easier. Here are five tips on how you can come up with a healthy meal plan for the whole month.

1. Calendar

Make or print a calendar with big blocks where you can write. Put the dates starting from the first date of the month.

2. Special Days

Before you fill out anything, make sure to mark the holidays, anniversaries or birthdays. You have to make the meal extra special for those days.

3. Check the recipes

There are a lot of recipes available. You can even find thousands of it through the internet. You just have to make sure that you are looking at those healthy recipes. You must remember that the food you will prepare is for you family. Make sure they can get enough nutrients.

4. Consideration

Not all family members can eat a particular food. Make sure you put into account the things that other members of the family can’t eat.

5. Balance

When you plan the meal for the whole month, make sure that it is balanced with the essential nutrients that everybody needs. You cannot just put all meat for one entire week. You can try to alternate the dishes. It is better if you can ensure that every meal will have protein, vegetables, and fruits.

It’s not easy to plan for the whole month so make sure you make an ample time to do the planning. An hour may not be enough, and you have to be patient when you are doing the meal plan. You would need to be meticulous and avoid repeating dishes as much as possible.

5 Tips on Coming Up With a Monthly Healthy Meal Plan

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