5 Tips on Coming Up With a Monthly Healthy Meal Plan


I understand that planning a weekly meal is hard but coming up with a monthly healthy meal plan is even harder. Don’t worry because I have some tips for you to make things easier. Here are five tips on how you can come up with a healthy meal plan for the whole month.

1. Calendar

Make or print a calendar with big blocks where you can write. Put the dates starting from the first date of the month.

2. Special Days

Before you fill out anything, make sure to mark the holidays, anniversaries or birthdays. You have to make the meal extra special for those days.

3. Check the recipes

There are a lot of recipes available. You can even find thousands of it through the internet. You just have to make sure that you are looking at those healthy recipes. You must remember that the food you will prepare is for you family. Make sure they can get enough nutrients.

4. Consideration

Not all family members can eat a particular food. Make sure you put into account the things that other members of the family can’t eat.

5. Balance

When you plan the meal for the whole month, make sure that it is balanced with the essential nutrients that everybody needs. You cannot just put all meat for one entire week. You can try to alternate the dishes. It is better if you can ensure that every meal will have protein, vegetables, and fruits.

It’s not easy to plan for the whole month so make sure you make an ample time to do the planning. An hour may not be enough, and you have to be patient when you are doing the meal plan. You would need to be meticulous and avoid repeating dishes as much as possible.

3 Health Blogs You Should Start Following Today


There are lot health blogs available these days. With so many choices, it’s hard to choose which one is accurate and beneficial to us. With so many blogs that I have encountered, I can tell you that I have top three picks for the health blogs that you should also follow. These blogs promote good health tips and health hacks. Check out the health blogs below.

1. Weighty Matter


It provides a lot of information that can help a person’s total well-being. The things that are shared come from a medical expert. He is a family doctor to be exact. We can discover a lot of stuff from a medical expert’s point of view.

2. Precision Nutrition


This blog targets nutrition and physical fitness. There are a lot of things that you can learn from this blog to help you achieve a magnificent body physique. You can also learn the different exercises that can fit your lifestyle.

3. Hello Healthy


A blog that does not just talk about fitness but also talks about our favorite food. You can get motivations to continue your work out. You can get tips on what food to eat. You can also learn facts about food. It is a very informative blog that can provide great information.

These health blogs are information tools that I have proven beneficial because the things stated are facts and have a basis. There are a lot of stuff that is written over the internet, but very few are dedicated to giving real life lessons that can promote wellness. We should not miss the opportunity to learn a lot of things from this blogs.

I’ve read a lot of things through these three recommendations I’m giving you, and hopefully, you can do the same.

4 Ways to Find a Family Doctor That You Can Trust


It is necessary to find a doctor that you can trust. We all know that we need to share valuable information about ourselves and our family if we need help. There are a lot of doctors out there, and it is hard to find which one we can trust. How can we find a reliable family doctor? There are many ways to do that. Let me share four ways how I managed to get the doctor I have trusted for so many years now.

1. Background


You have to check the history of the physician you have in mind. I don’t mean you have to stalk the doctor, but you should be aware of things like which medical school did he or she went to and where they conducted their internship. The simple information you can find can give you an idea how credible is this person.

2. Ask for Recommendation


You can ask your relatives, friends, and colleagues if they can recommend someone. Doctors that are recommended have a good track record. In the first place, they will not be suggested if they are not good at what they do.

3. Check for reviews


I understand that the reviews on the internet are not always reliable, but it would still give you an idea if the doctor is excellent and trustworthy. Those excellent reviews will not be there if they have the habit of giving bad experiences to their patients.

4. Visit them face to face


If you have already done the other three options and you already have shortlisted doctors, it’s time to pay them a visit. You will have to trust your instincts and check which doctor will make you feel comfortable. It is very crucial that you can talk to your doctor comfortably. There are some things that you will have to disclose to them, and you cannot do that if you are not at ease with your doctor.

Just follow those tips, and I’m sure you can find the doctor you can trust like how I find mine.