An Extreme Look into an Extreme Lifestyle

Muscle Building Health Magazine

A muscle building health magazine advocates the benefits of weight training which go beyond building muscle.

Resistance training strengthens bones, tendons and ligaments. It regulates blood sugar, improves cardiovascular and immune system health. The benefits of weight training does not discriminate between gender or age. Everyone will benefit from regular weight training.

However, there is a thriving culture of people who have taken weight training to another level. Most people would find their lifestyle extreme.

Their body of work; literally and figuratively speaking, is an accomplishment that makes average people look like a word from the Incredible Hulk’s vocabulary.


What Kind of Activities are Covered by Muscle Building Health Magazines?

Muscle building health magazines cover a wide variety of physical activity which most people would find extreme. These include:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Power Lifting
  • Olympic Weight Lifting
  • Strong Man Training
  • Cross Fit

It takes a unique mindset to excel in these types of sport. You have to be passionate, committed, dedicated and driven to go through the rigorous training and highly-disciplined diet regimen on a daily basis.

In bodybuilding, you have people who spend years of their lives putting on large amounts of muscle while reducing their body fat to unsafe levels.

In Power Lifting, athletes push and pull weights the amount of which the human body is not supposed to handle. The same goes for Olympic weight lifting, Cross Fit and Strong Man.

When the human ability is pushed to the extreme, the content available in these magazines should also be taken to the extreme.

Types of Content You Can Find in a Muscle Building Health Magazine

  1. Exercise – Muscle building health magazines regularly feature training routines that have been conceptualized by renowned personal trainers and champions in the sport.

There are routines for trainers of all levels of experience, for women, teens and the elderly. Many of the programs featured are backed by scientific research for validation.

  1. Nutrition – Nutrition comprises a major part of a muscle building health magazine’s content. The popular belief is nutrition accounts for 80% of success.

You can find diet programs for both mass building and getting lean. There are a variety of meal plans you can use to fuel your sport or suit your body type.

  1. Supplementation – These extreme sports is one of the biggest reasons the supplement industry has regularly grossed over US$1 Billion every year.

The magazines feature and advertise the latest types and brands of supplements in the market. They also give recommendations on which supplements to buy and how to use them for maximum effect.

  1. Medical Findings – Muscle building health magazine will regularly publish the latest medical findings on health, fitness and wellness.

Topics will cover a wide range of health conditions that may afflict people who engage in an extreme lifestyle.

For example, if you contracted HPV from adventurous sexual activity, you can find articles on “HPV Treatment for Men” or “Signs of HPV”.

  1. Competition Results – Of course, many of those who are into these types of extreme sports did so because of a particular athlete. Many are also competitive athletes and follow the sport regularly.

The magazines will cover as much of the contests as possible. You can find results from local, regional, international and the most prestigious competitions in the sport.

  1. Personalities- Muscle building health magazines also feature personalities such as actors and athletes who regularly weight train to maintain their health and fitness.

Not only do these personalities increase the number of subscriptions but the content serves as a source of inspiration for people who want to be like them.

There are muscle building health magazines which set limits to the content it will publish. And there are magazines where content has no limits.

These are the hardcore muscle building health magazines which present a more detailed, deep-dive look into the lifestyle of these extreme athletes. Practices which are long held as “taboos” in the sport are openly discussed in forums and published as regular content.

While these hardcore muscle building health magazines also publish the latest findings on health and fitness, the decision to print content on unsafe practices tends to contradict its original intent.

Health Risks Associated with Beauty Products

Cosmetics are beauty products used to improve overall personal appearances. These products tone and enhance attractiveness making you look more presentable and captivating. The desire for beauty and good looks and the excessive use of products to enhance one’s features, is not a recent phenomenon. It is actually as old as the human civilizations itself!

With the excessive growth in the beauty industry, it has become quiet confusing to choose even a set hot rollers for long hair, since there are so many brands of it out there. Little do we know that these skin care products, oral hygiene products, fragrances, nail and hair products are likely to contain harmful chemicals hazardous to our health. Research shows that beauty products often contain toxic chemicals such as, Talcum, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Parabens, Phthalates, Coal tar dye, Fragrance, Triethanolamine, Mineral oil and some heavy metals, for example, Arsenic, Lead, Nickel, Mercury and Cadmium.

The Implications of Excessive Low Quality Beauty Product Use

Since the industry is now producing excessive supply of beauty products of every quantity and quality, it is quite difficult to find the company that offers good quality products, tested for human use. Beauty products with chemical toxins, when applied in excessive quantities and for a much longer amount of time, are found to cause serious health risks including cancer, contact dermatitis, reproductive and developmental disorders, hair loss, ageing, lung damage, skin disease allergies, and reactions as well as damage of nails.

  • These poisonous chemicals and lethal metals make their way into our bodies by inhalation of deodorants, perfumes, nail polishes and scented face powders and beauty creams; as well as through absorption of these microscopic particles through our skin pores.
  • These deleterious substances may also enter into our bodies by ingestion of toxic chemicals in lip balms, lip-gloss or lipsticks by way of the mouth. Aluminum in lipsticks can cause anemia and glucose intolerance. At times, the hazardous chemicals in lip balms, and moisturizers get swallowed with food and cause respiratory tract infections.
  • During bubble baths, harmful chemicals in the shower gels can affect your reproductive organs through direct contact with your body, eventually causing severe consequences such as infertility, irregular menstruation, vaginal infections and sometimes as bad as cancer.
  • Frequent application of nail paints, manicure and pedicure products can also lead to nails becoming more fragile, weak and losing their natural color, looking thinner and paler.
  • Girls wearing lenses are at much greater risks of eye infections, irritations, and thinning of eyelashes due to the harmful chemical materials used in their production and the growth of bacteria on the surface of the lenses if not washed properly and taken care of.

Most individuals believe that the beauty products they use have been tested thoroughly for safety before being sold in the markets. According to the results of a study conducted by Environmental Working Group (EWG) nearly one-third of all products included in the research study were found to contain harmful carcinogens.

Even Hot Rollers for Long Hair Can Have Risks!

Hot rollers for long hair are claimed to be made from hair-friendly materials such as soft plastic and paraffin rod and help to create perfect natural and wavy locks but since heat makes moisture from your hair evaporate, a regular use of hot rollers for long hair can cause your hair to become dry, rough and damaged.

Furthermore, you know how the heat can damage your hair, if you use hot rollers for long hair continuously for several days. You will experience more breakage, weakness, thinning and other problems.  However, if you use it seldom, only on certain occasions, and take no longer than 15 minutes to complete the styling procedure, you will be able to create different styles from curls to natural wavy strands without causing much damage to your hair. Nevertheless you must use natural hair care remedies to keep your hair soft and shiny to combat the risky effects of heat exposure.


Top 5 Beauty Products For Sensitive Skin

Garnier Clean+ Lotion Cleanser

Taking care of our skin is extremely important and vital for sustaining a glowing and youthful appearance. But it becomes a lot harder if you have sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin have to be extremely careful with what they apply on their face. Their skin can easily get irritated and show side effects when compared to other skin types. It is important to use hypoallergenic makeup in order to lower the chances of developing a side effect.

But, how would you know if you have a sensitive skin? Let’s find out.

So what is sensitive skin?

You might have sensitive skin when skin care products or household items start causing redness, itching, stinging sensation and other side effects. It is fairly common and we are pretty sure you might know someone who suffers from such issues. What one person finds irritating and painful might not cause any kind of discomfort to another.

If you have sensitive skin, it is important to take care of it, especially if you go out regularly in the sun or other extreme conditions. It is important to wear sunscreen when going out as people with sensitive skin are more prone to damage by the sun’s rays. It is also important to be gentle with your skin and try not to over cleanse it.

Further, it is highly recommended to use beauty products that are meant for sensitive skin. Here are some of the most trusted and effective beauty products that you can use without worrying about your skin’s safety.

  1. Garnier Clean+ Lotion Cleanser

This clearer cum cleanser from Garnier is specifically designed for people with sensitive skin and can help you remove even the hardest of makeup without the need of scrubbing. It also calms and comforts the skin with its cold formula.

  1. Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Cleanser

The Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Cleanser is extremely suited for people with sensitive skin. The licorice root extract contained in the cleanser is perfect for soothing temporary flushing and rosacea.

  1. Facial Wash Organic Cleanser

Facial Wash cleanser is made up of natural ingredients and cleanses your skin gently and thoroughly. A small drop of this cleanser is enough to clean your entire face.

  1. Eau Thermale Avène XeraCalm A.D. Cream

The Eau Thermale Avène XeraCalm A.D. Cream is extremely suited for people with sensitive skin. The lipids, amino acids, and sugars contained in the cream is extremely good at combating even the most extreme of dry skin.

  1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

The First Aid repair cream can do all that you would want from any beauty product. It is a cruise control for skin repair and cleansing. It can help minimize redness and the damage due to free radicals. It can also help hydrate your skin and give it a flexible and smooth appearance.

These are just some of the more popular and effective beauty products available in the market. There are many more creams and serums specifically designed for people with sensitive skin. No matter what product you use on your skin, it is important to be on the lookout for possible side effects and irritation. In the case of any such problems, it is important to discontinue using the product and to visit the doctor if the problems don’t go away.

Do you have a sensitive skin too? Which products do you use and how was your experience? Do let us know in the comments.